The complete process of claiming Insurance of your Stolen Car

In the case, your car got stolen from anywhere, and you want to make an insurance claim of it; the first step you have to take is to notify the insurance company as soon as possible. You must also inform the police within 24 hours of the incident happened. The insurance company’s office will help through the entire process. The significant thing to know about is that the vehicle must be covered under the comprehensive policy from the insurer, which includes theft or fire, damage in the natural calamities, accidental damage to the car, and third party cover.


Action needs to be taken to claim your vehicle insurance-

First Information Report (FIR)

The owner of the vehicle has to file a police complaint within 24 hours of a period starting from the incident happened.

Insurance claim form

The car owner must provide the necessary information regarding the vehicle through calling customer care center of the insurance company such as details of the car, insurance policy number and also the description about the time and date of the incident. Customer executive will note those details for filling up of the claim form.

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Important Documents

The insured must submit all the necessary documents to the RTO office like duplicate copies of the RC (registration certificate) of the vehicle, a copy of the driving license, records of the insurance policies, correctly signed insurance claim form, FIR of the incident and a letter revealing the theft of the vehicle.

Claim approved/settled

The owner of the vehicle must transfer the registration of the car in the name of the insurance company and hand-over the keys along with a letter of subrogation to the insurer straight after the police submit its ultimate β€˜non-traceable’ report of the vehicle, and the claim is approved/settled by the insurance company.

Repayment from the insurer

The owner of the vehicle must submit the authentic copy of the repair invoice and receipt of the payment to the insurance company. Post that, the settled amount will be compensated between the period of one week.

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Insurance claim refused

There are some chances that your insurance claim will not get accepted by the insurance company like-

  • If the car does not have a valid RC
  • If the car with a private registration certificate (i.e. white number plate) is given on rental purpose or any business purpose.
  • If any type of false representation and misleading facts regarding the theft incident are detected.
  • If one has purchased a used car and the registration of that car has not yet transferred to his name in the copy of the insurance policy, then the policy will be taken as a void and the claims will not get accepted.
  • If the vehicle is stolen by the carelessness of the owner. The claim might get rejected in the case where the owner forgets to lock the doors and close the side windows of the vehicle or leave the keys inside the car without locking the doors.
  • Furthermore, the insurance company will compensate the paid amount to the finance company or bank if the vehicle was purchased on loan.
  • The owner of the vehicle should attain a duplicate copy of the RC of the car from the office of RTO (Road Tax Officer) as soon as possible.

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