Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What service we offer?

We offer a wide range of services to our clients, which includes Wealth Creation, Debt & Cash Flow Management, Taxation Planning, Estate Planning Strategies, Personal Insurance, Business Succession Planning and Superannuation. Apart from developing Financial Plans and guiding clients meet their Financial Goals; we regularly research & review the various markets which include Property market review, Gold Market review, Insurance Review, Equity Review, Mutual fund Review. We customize our offerings such that it enables our clients in becoming financially healthier. The detailed list of services offered can be viewed from Services Offered section.

Q. Who can avail our services?

Individuals/professionals/Families/Corporate/HNI/HUF/NRI can use our services to accumulate wealth. The applicant should be a legal Indian Resident or a Non-Resident-Indian above the age of 18 years.

Q. What are your guiding principles and values?

We truly believe in being an Ethical organization focusing on client satisfaction. We aim at creating a value addition to our clients' lives by providing quality, timely advice. Financial betterment and Financial Peace of our clients, is something our ultimate objective is. Trust of our clients is the base.

Q. How do you select investments for a client?

Before we recommend any investment, we consider the current economic conditions, the outlook for that asset class or type of security and how this investment fits within your portfolio given your objectives and tolerance for risk.

Q.I have already accumulated substantial assets and think I am doing quite well. But as I progress and build for the future, things seem to be getting more complicated. I want to be sure I am on track, but I don't always have the time or inclination to manage the myriad details by myself. Can you help me?

Yes. People who need more sophisticated financial planning or advice will find our services appealing and beneficial. If you are looking for a professional review or a second opinion to ensure you are on track, we can provide that, too.

Q. Financial Literacy programme.

We regularly conduct Financial Litercy Programms and keep clients updated via Meeting, Blogs, Articles, Knowledge Based Material ,Knowledge Based Financial Video's, Movies, Whatsup etc..