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    Before 7/8 years when I had decided to purchase a term insurance to cover my home loan and liabilities, I met Kirang Gandhi through one of our common friend. During our first meeting I was quite impressed with his comprehensive homework and great knowledge. After my own analysis I found all fact explained by Kirang Gandhi which help me to identify my exact need and ideal product.

    As I am in Finance domain from last 8 years and having great knowledge of equity, derivatives and commodities market, I was investing into all sectors including equity and debt like NSC and Bank FD but I was not able to create balanced portfolio as I wish for. After so many experiments I have decided to consult someone who can help me to create my desire portfolio. I have discussed with so many consultants from different bank & Wealth Management Companies, but was not satisfied. Finally I had a meeting with Kirang Gandhi who explain me about necessity of Profiling of individual along with Goals.

    My profiling has been done before around 3 years and now I am feeling that I have wasted so many years, I would have done it before.

    I am advising all young people to do investment planning in early age to get great benefits of power of compounding.

    Jignesh Kansara RBL Bank, VP, IT-(Mumbai)
  • Customer Testimonails

    It’s been over 4 to 5 years since I’m associated with Kirang Gandhi and the investment advises received from him have been extremely useful & monetarily fruitful as well.

    Before meeting him my investments were hap hazard which fetched very paltry or no returns at all. Especially on the Insurance front it was a very pathetic scene as I had fallen prey to many false selling and unwanted insurance policies from insurance agents of various companies. Now with Kirang’s help all my insurance needs are addressed perfectly and still leaves me withsizeable amount to invest elsewhere.

    The investments made with his guidelines are fetching healthy profits and I’ve made more profits in the last 3 years than what I’ve probably made in the last entire decade, thanks to Kirang’s well studied and proper guidance.

    The best part of Kirang’s working would be his independent status (not being attached to any particular company) that enables him to suggest ‘unbiased investment options’, a very vital aspect of investment planning. The information sharing done by him is also very useful and many eye opening facts come to surface which otherwise would make many investors like me end up making wrong investments.

    I wish Kirang all the best for his future endeavors and hope many investors like me benefit with his association.

    Kedar Jadhav Director / Buisness Partner (Pune)
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    My association with Kirang Gandhi started about four years back. I was looking for a financial planner who would not sell me only products which were beneficial to him in terms of commission. My experience with financial planners till then was not very great and I did not think very highly of them.

    Kirang Gandhi was quite a refreshing change. My first comfort level with him was that he was not working for any company and had an independent practice. This ensured that he would not sell any one company's products.

    The second point of comfort was that Kirang Gandhi came across as very knowledgeable. His knowledge of the stock market, the economy, various financial instruments sounds very good and comes from a deep study. He offers you various options of investment depending on your need and financial capacity.

    I have invested in various mutual funds through Kirang Gandhi and they are showing a fair amount of profit. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

    Sanjay Ahuja Wipro Technologies, AVP,(MUMBAI)
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    I have been associated to Kirang Gandhi for more than 5 years now. After talking to Kirang Gandhi , I got clear understanding and differences between ULIP, Endowment policies and term insurance, many of the policies which I had in terms of getting some profit, was of not much use, and Kirang Gandhi suggested to get rid of those. Even though there was loss involved in closing those policies, I choose to closed it, as there was not much gain as well, and I created a new term insurance policy. And now with his guidance I am also going to plan for some investment and build my portfolio,

    I just want to say Thanks to Kirang Gandhi for clearing the understanding and guiding me for building my portfolio with my Goal.

    Dolly M. Ramteke Senior Analyst, Eaton Technologies,(Pune)
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    I was looking for somebody who can give me customized, well researched and unbiased advice for investment. I am very glad to tell that Kirang Gandhi is the person who provides consultations on exactly same lies. Before meeting Kirang I didn’t have clarity on my financial goals neither I had discipline and knowledge to do the right investment. I used to do haphazard investment based on my limited knowledge. I also didn’t had adequate life insurance cover.

    At the beginning of the year 2012 I started following Kirang’s advice and I am really very satisfied with the returns I got with my investments in short period of time. I also have good life insurance cover with very less yearly premium.

    Kirang is one stop solution for all the Financial Planning, Insurance and Investment related services. Important thing is he is very much approachable at any point of time. I am looking forward for long term association with Kirang and his team. Wish Kirang and team Best Luck!

    Sachin Pingalkar Project Leader, Eaton Technology (Pune)
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    I wish to thank Kirang, for all his valuable advices and help for all these 3+ years. My view towards investments and wealth building have dramatically changed with his association. His approach towards our goals starts by removing the emotional approach and moving towards a more rational approach- and this is what I liked in him the most.

    Mithun Nambiar Technical Specialist, Siemens-Geometric PLM (PUNE)
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    I have been associated with Kirang Gandhi for more than 5 years now. He understood my financial targets, goals, intentions toward the investment within our short meeting, provided clear vision for the achieving future goal by investing money across different available investment modules. He is very diversified in the market as per the ups and down moment of share market, monitor the portfolio and inform in advance if anywhere needs to do profit book, switch out to different investment options.

    Kirang's suggestions are new vision of investment rather than following orthodox mentality in the term of Insurance, SIP, Debt, Equity etc. I believe that’s correct vision for putting money in right place for good gain.

    Thank you so much Kirang for all your inputs and I would highly recommend Kirang Gandhi for his excellence vision on the Indian Share market and Financial Goal Achievement strategies.

    Hardik Parekh Tech Lead, Sybase 365, A Division Of SAP
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    I am associated with you for more than 5 years now. Thanks a lot for your knowledge sharing. It is really valuable and helpful which none would like to share in reality. Generally agents ask us to buy a particular mutual fund or insurance policy without taking our requirement into consideration. It’s like investing our money for sake of their profits.

    However I received an expert advice from you which would help me in achieving my financial goals. All the best for your bright future!"

    Sunil Walunj Paranjpe Associates
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    Before coming to you ( or before making comprehensive financial planning ), I found that life insurance policies, stocks & Bank FDs, are only ways of financial planning & thats sufficient for anybody. But in discussion with you I realized that insurance company's are making money only for them self. We should not only relay on Insurance or FDS, but we need to use other instruments like Mutual Fund, Corporate FD, Gold, Bond & others according to Goals set.

    Your knowledge & study of planning products is really best in market,so that your suggestions never fail to reach anybody's financial goals.

    One good point that I want to highlighted is we continuously receive financial knowledge or financial literacy related e-mails and blogs, that make us aware as well as help us remain up to date on market trends.

    You not only tell why to make financial plan, but also How to make it.

    Your suggestions & guidance are really appreciated.

    All the best for future, Keep up the good work.

    Amit Kharat PUNE
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    I have known Kirang Gandhi for the last 4 years. I came in contact with him through a common friend. After meeting him, I was much relaxed to know that he is an independent financial advisor. So, he doesn't promote any particular company's product. His knowledge in mutual fund and other investment options is excellent. He is biased free and thinks from customer point of view. His articles on various topics are easy to understand and are very helpful. I have invested in various mutual funds through Kirang Gandhi and they are showing a fair amount of profit.

    I wish him the very best for his future endeavors...

    Rupak Choudhury Design Engineer, Tata Technologies Ltd. (Pune)