Nursery or school admission involves early childhood educational programs; many curriculums have and are still being developed for the same. Nursery admissions or early learning years are redefining by frameworks which involve early childhood between the ages of children under 0 – 5 years.

Prior to the nursery or school admission developments, curriculum in early child education programs have been contested and fragmented. Different Nursery and school admission curricula, diverse school year entries and diverse qualifications and accreditation of teachers frameworks have contributed greatly to diverse Nursery educational practice and curricula in different places. Most nursery and school admission childhood frameworks are promoted by goals related to social inclusion, diversity approaches to tolerance, and inclusion which are in nursery and admission curricula.

Nursery or school admission is the first part of learning which is vital. It is necessary to note that foundational learning sets the pace for the children involved. Therefore, it is a vital part of learning. In other words Nursery and early child hood learning shapes the future educational pathway of the children. In this case, Nursery or school admission should not be taken for granted. Parents should put more emphasis and concentration on the same. Children adopt and learn quickly, however, the level and accreditation of the learning experience has a great influence on them.

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